Regenesys Business School is a renowned institution in South Africa with a distinguished legacy spanning over 25 years. We approach education with creativity and are committed to nurturing well-rounded, ethical leaders who can make a positive impact on society. At Regenesys, our learners are prepared to become responsible and socially conscious leaders in today's dynamic business world.

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, where adaptability and competence are critical, professionals seek ways to improve their careers and manage their studies with them. A postgraduate diploma in business management (PDBM) from Regenesys is a specialised post-graduation level Programme that offers learners advanced education and training in several business management-related topics. The programme is intended for people with bachelor's degrees who want to improve their business knowledge, abilities, and career opportunities.

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Structure: The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management programme is an NQF Level 8 Qualification with 125 Credits. Duration: This qualification is offered over a period of 12 months.Curriculum:The PDBM programme's primary goal is to give graduates a solid grasp of fundamental business principles and procedures while fostering personal development and improvement. Through a comprehensive review of the latest concepts, practices, and research in the larger field of business management, the programme enables working professionals to engage in advanced reflection.


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A Postgraduate Degree can lead to several professional opportunities in various fields. Through this specialised programme, participants get advanced business knowledge and abilities, making them competitive advantages in today's job market.

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Business Development Manager
Project Manager
Management Consultant
Marketing Manager
Human Resources Manager
Technology and IT Management
International Business Specialist
Public Relations Manager
Hospitality Manager

Student Testimonials

I finally took taste to online learning in 2019. Today I am writing with gratitude and satisfaction, that I can share with colleagues what was the most pleasing experience in studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management with Regenesys.
As an aspiring business leader, I considered Regenesys Business School for my business studies due to its holistic approach to education, focusing on intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical intelligence (IQ, SQ, EQ and PQ). What I liked during my studies was how the Programme contents were structured and delivered.
Regenesys Business School was a game-changer in my career. At the time, not only did I leave the public sector to explore work in a private organisation, but Regenesys gave me the opportunity to grow and develop my knowledge, experience, and my worldview.

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